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The story of the Lost FM Radio Band is a story surrounded by a considerable degree of mysticism. It all began back in the late 1950’s when two country-boys first encountered the vibrating rhythm of the early rock ‘n’ roll music of Buddy Holly and Little Richard. They left their home and hit the road only equipped with an old guitar and a rusty snare drum playing at every venue along the way for shelter and food, soon to acquire a name for themselves as the hardest hitting rock ‘n’ roll band around. But in the mid-1960’s they suddenly disappeared without a trace never to be heard from again. Most folks say that they were abducted by the Russians, while others claim, that it was aliens. Soon after their disappearance, there were reports about people receiving strange radio transmissions picked up by their radio devices. Radio transmissions containing what many described as the best darn rock n’ roll music, that they have ever heard. These rumors were never publicly confirmed, but as the story spread, many people began searching for that lost FM frequency, where it was said that you could hear a band playing rock ‘n’ roll music, as it had never been played before. This band commonly became known as the Lost FM Radio Band. But in 2018 as lightning from a clear sky, they suddenly reappeared, bringing with them that long desired sound of true rock ‘n’ roll music, which in the public opinion had only been considered a mere rumor the last 50 years.

This is probably not the true story of the Lost FM Radio Band – but it is a story nonetheless.

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